About My Practice


Psychotherapy Practice

Jason began his private psychotherapy practice in 2005 and has remained in private practice ever since.  The practice started in Easthampton Massachusetts and has remained there ever since.  His practice has been quite diverse through the years and has served a variety of outpatient clients.  He now works full time in his practice concentrating on working with adolescents, and adults.  His areas of specialty include, but are not limited to trauma and dissociation, anxiety and depression, attachment, EMDR therapy, gender identity, hypnosis, and mindfulness. Jason accepts most major insurances, as well as private pay.   



Since early in his career, Jason has consulted for other mental health professionals in both individual and group settings.  He began by supervising clinicians and students in a local clinic, and has continued to support and educate clinicians in their professional development.  Jason provides individual supervision and consultation for clinicians on topics ranging from starting a practice, to maintaining and developing specialties.  Jason has run group consultations for EMDR therapy, creating a private practice, and self care. 



Jason has been an educator in the field of mental health since the beginning of his psychotherapy practice.  Being the son of, and son in-law of teachers, education has always been a passion for him.  He has conducted numerous continuing education workshops and seminars on a variety of subjects including EMDR therapy, the art of self care, trauma and dissociation, adolescents, eastern healing arts, and more.  Jason has also been a guest lecturer in many college classrooms, and plans to pursue further teaching opportunities at the college and graduate level. 

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