EMDR Consultation

EMDR Consultation for EMDR Therapist

For over 12 years I have been an EMDR trained clinician.  I have been an EMDRIA certified EMDR Consultant for over 7 years.  My approach in consultation is to harness the great skills and strengths of my consulties.  This helps them enhance their practice of EMDR therapy through a greater understanding of the EMDR/AIP model, and a deep knowledge and insight into many EMDR protocols.  With this guidance, clinicians can truly achieve a sense of mastery of EMDR therapy.

EMDR Individual Consultation

One on one individual EMDR consultation is a great way to increase your skills, discover your strengths, and eliminate your weaknesses in your EMDR practice.  Services provided in Individual Consultation include

  • Training and consultation towards EMDR Certification
  • Case review
  • EMDR Protocol education
  • Practicum sessions
  • AIP model integration
  • Trouble shooting and creative problem solving


EMDR Group Consultation

Group consultation is a wonderful way of developing your EMDR skills and refining your EMDR practice in the company of other EMDR therapists.  The group provides a connection to others, and opportunity to learn from and support each other, and to experience the ups and downs of learning EMDR in a safe and respectful way.  Group consultation hours can be used for certification hours, as well as consultant in training hours.  EMDR Consultation group topics can include,

  • General Case consultation
  • Understanding and integrating the AIP model
  • Standard Protocol refinement and enhancement
  • Specialized EMDR Protocols
  • Trouble shooting
  • Interweaves
  • Special client groups
  • Self Care and Safe Practice
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