Gender Specialist and Transgender Work

Gender Therapy Transgender Services

Exploring your gender identity and trying to find the path to your true self is daunting at best.  In gender therapy we explore the nature of gender, the various ways it exists in our identity, and discover what changes need to be made in order for clients to feel at peace in they’re own minds bodies.  Through a combined approach of psychotherapy, education, and exploration, gender therapy acts as a guide, a resource, and a support for all clients of all genders. 

Jason uses the World Professional Association for Transgender Health standards of care to help clients navigate this difficult, and rewarding path to their true self. Jason provides letters of reference to medical providers when appropriate, and helps family and friends of transgender clients with consultation and therapy when needed.

Transgender Consultation and Training

Providing education, consultation, workshops, CEU programs, guest lectures and talks on a variety of gender related topics including

  • Developing a Gender Specialist Practice
  • Transgender treatment
  • Gender awareness and sensitivity training
  • Group Consultation
  • Education and special designed CEU workshops on gender variant populations
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